Tuesday, September 1, 2009

San Fran/ Outside Lands

Spent the weekend in The Bay Area!!  Last night i went to an incredible restaurant in Oakland called Adesso.  They make their own pate and charcuterie.  They also have incredible wines and cocktails.  I also went to Clif Bar to visit some of my old friends and climbed on their climbing wall.  We all rode bikes to the Tokyo Fish Market.  If you didn't go to Outside Lands you should next year!!


Thane said...

Hey Brett! Fellow Ohio musician and lover of your music here. I'm currently visiting a friend in Claremont, and although I planned on getting up to San Francisco and Oakland it doesn't look like it will happen this trip. Definitely next time though. Likewise with the Outside Lands recommendation~! Peace and love brother, thank you.

Kelly Winters said...

Brett, you kicked ass at OSL. I had a great time dancing around in the audience! Going to be in Seattle this weekend and going to try and drop by Bumbershoot, too!

Also didn't know Clif had a climbing wall, that's awesome. Will have to check them out.

Keep on rockin', and dancin'.