Friday, September 4, 2009


The premiere of "Weed Money Man". Solo raps!

She's Mine
Who Do You Think …
Ain’t No Reason
San Francisco
Make You Crazy
Weed Money Man
All We Have


Sandi said...

Thanks for posting the setlists.

sandy said...

hope to see you in sd! met your cousin this year at the desert new years portal party. my name is sandy and i am nicos girlfriend. peace, and thank you for changing my life with your music. red rocks is a windy venue, liked the clip of blessed. today is my birthday too!!

be well

Brett said...

hi sandy, i love nico....we go way back. he is a sweetheart

Sandi said...

Does anyone have the playlist from Kickapoo concert back in Aug? thanks

cassi said...

I was at the concert and had never heard you before...but I loved your voice and "weed money man." Its my new favorite single!

Betty said...

Holy Cow! Scot scares me! I went to the OAR show in Atlanta not knowing who you were. I was so pleasantly surprised I bought "Hope for the Hopeless" and have listened to everything else out there on you tube! I can't get enough. I am going to see you in Atlanta at the Tabernacle in November. All I want is to see the show. From every interview I've seen and all I've read about seem like one of most intrinsically good people anyone would want to be around. You don't deserve any of the negative comments!