Thursday, September 3, 2009

Slightly Stoopid

Last night in St. Paul, Slightly Stoopid was on the bill with OAR and us.  I had heard their music before, but never really listened to it.  I had always assumed that since they are a surf punk reggae band and because of the style of their baggy clothes and straight billed ball caps, they must be hard core guys in real life, and they probably wouldn't like me.  I can be really ignorant sometimes, and last night I realized how stoopid I was, for making such poor judgement.  I don't think I have ever met a band who was as instantly kind and open as them.  Cautiously I went to their dressing room to introduce myself, and immediately they invited me in, gave me a drink, and treated me as if i grew up next door to them.  We hung out most of the night, and I must say, they might be the coolest band I've ever to Ozomatli....and Forro In The Dark.......and OAR.......and The Avett Brothers......and Guster......and Angus and Julia......okay, there are a lot of cool bands out there.

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